Does Prime Male Actually Work? An Evidence-Based Review

prime male review

No guy in this world can neglect the sexual needs. The role of sex in male life is much more significant. So, some of the issues may get acceleration if they remain untreated, such as erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, or lower libido.

Why these sexual health concerns are necessary to treat how you can tackle them? And, this is not sturdy with Prime Male enhancement pills. This product has come up with unbeatable male sexual health-supportive results. That is why we have dig out about this formula to make you know what it is and how you can add it as your sexual booster.

Take a look at this Male Prime review to flourish your info about this male enhancement product.

What Is Prime Male?

Prime Male is an ultimate testosterone booster that is designed to raise healthy levels of this hormone into the body among 30 and above age males. It is innovated by Propura multinational company. It reduce all the sexual health dysfuncationing. This product may change your whole sexual life and give a more satisfying experience to your relation with its 12 potent fixings. It builds lean muscle and makes them stronger with faster improvement. You can rock n roll with this libido and testosterone boosting formula without any side effect.

A study published at NCBI has stated that testosterone downfall has been found after the age of 30 and its starting range is from 1% (1).

Basically it decreaeses due to aging and includes various symptoms such as.

  • Lack of energy
  • Tiredness
  • Frailty
  • Lower libido
  • Reduced strength
  • Decreased sexual performance
  • Mood changes
  • Depression.

How Does Prime Male T-Booster Work?

People usually think that how does Prime Male work? Well, You can have the surge of sexual power and libido due to an increased level of testosterone. It raises the amount of testosterone, which is the male hormone and essential to your sexual functioning. The lack of testosterone may effect the sexual working.

That is why the product boosts this hormone to the peak and allows you the vigor and vim for erections. You will get longer sessions of sex with your partners with its blood flow for penis enlargement. It will enhance the snake between your two legs to the most satisfying sex.

What’s in Prime Male (Ingredients)?

The ingredients of this formula are natural and approved from various labs of testification.

12 ingredients of prime male

Here you can go with 12 amazing ingredients of Prime Male:

D-Aspartic Acid Calcium Chelate (D-AA-CC)

It is an amino acid and a neurotransmitter that triggers the release of luteinizing hormone (LH). According to WebMD, it is an amino acid that can be used as building blocks to make protein (2). D-aspartic acid is not used to make protein but helps in other functions of the body. It helps to improve athletic performance, strengthen your muscles, and reduce fatigue.


Bio Perine has many benefits, but NCBI has published an article that shows its worth for bio transformative effects (3). It includes detoxification and enhancement of absorption and bio availability in herbal and conventional drugs. That is why it has been added in this formula to fasten the absorption of the ingredients for more effective working.


The current review of Boron at NCBI involves its effects on human health (4). This is a micronutrient that influences bone development, bone regeneration, wound healing, produces and metabolizes sex steroids, helps in calcium and magnesium absorption, and vitamin D.

Korean Red Ginseng

WebMD has researched Korean Red Ginseng, and it has been shown effective for overall health improvement (5). It can strengthen the immune system, combat stress, and disease. Korean Red Ginseng is one type of ginseng that is good for diabetes, male erectile dysfunction, and thinking.


Luteolin is a natural compound that may work as a potent estrogen inhibitor. It reduces the girly hormone and makes you the real man by enhancing the manhood hormone. According to PubChem, it is a naturally-occurring flavonoid that has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties (6). 


The Magnesium has the atoms of energy that will be offered to you for a vigor and power pack sex. in a review of the testosterone boost, Medical News Today has elicited the importance of Magnesium in the production of testosterone (7).  According to NIH, Magnesium is a cofactor of almost 300 enzyme systems, which helps to regulate diverse biochemical reactions (8). It includes protein synthesis, muscle and nerve function along with blood glucose control, and blood pressure regulation in the body.

Mucuna Pruriens

Mucuna pruriens, also known as Fabaceae. It is a herbal drug used to manage male infertility and works as an aphrodisiac. Its seeds are used for medicinal purposes, as published by NCBI. The herb has many other benefits, but as an aphrodisiac, it increases sexual desire and improves libido (9).

Nettle Root

This herb produces the testosterone as it can bind with the sex hormone that is called Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG). It facilitates your continuous body production of testosterone. A study published at NCBI has revealed that nettle root is good to treat prostatic hyperplasia and urinary tract issues (10).

Vitamin B6

It is here to build the testosterone blocks in the body so you can go fight back with sexual health issues. A study on animals has revealed that deficiency of vitamin B6 can lead to a deficit of testosterone synthesis. The addition of this hormone may make a balance between the production and lead to higher sexual functioning (11).

Vitamin D3

This element is available in sunlight, but it is not enough for your bone’s health. That is why it is added additionally in this supplement. A study result was founded supportive for the production of testosterone if used the vitamin D oriented supplements (12). And, this product gives the support of this potent vitamin to boost sexual and physical health benefits.

Vitamin K2

Vitamin K is an essential nutrient that is used to enhance overall body health. it has effective working for liver, bones, brain, kidney, and gonadal tissues. These issues are those which are associated with the sex cord.  Studies have proven that a decrease in vitamin K may lead to less production of testicular testosterone. This animal study is published on NCBI that supports the deficiency of vitamin K can contribute to lower testosterone production (13). So, inducing this vitamin may boost your t-level in the body.


It will add more strength, width, and power to your dick by giving red blood cells an extreme amount in the penile chamber. A study on male rats conducted by NCBI has shown that zinc can improve sexual competence and increase the T levels (14). The dosage of zinc sulfate impacted on their sexual functioning.

How Prime Male Effects Testosterone Level?

prime male t-booster supplement

The Prime Male nutritional facts has shown the support to settle sexual health problems by reducing these three barriers.

1. Luteinize Sex Hormone

Prime Male boosts the testosterone by an amino acid which is called D-AA-CC. It triggers the production of testo hormones by signaling the hypothalamus. It raises the testosterone level in the testes.

2. Sex Hormone-Binding Globulin (SHBG)

The molecules of testosterone bind to SHBG molecules that may inhibit the male sex hormone. Prime Male had those ingredients that bind with this molecule and level up testosterone in the body.

3. Estrogen and Prolactin Elimination

Both of these is a female sex hormone that may dim male sexual power. Prime Male may inhibit the production of these hormones and give a maximum chance to the testosterone production in the body.

What You Will Get From Prime Male?

The benefits of Prime Male enhancement pills are so many but the most remarkable and claimed perks from the maker are here below:

prime male benefits

  • Testo Boost: sexual health issues gear up due to testosterone, and this formula has the reliable fixing that may surge the production of testosterone. Prime Male is also suitable for low sex drive.
  • More energy & strength: There will be an unlimited power to you that you can sue while having your intercourse.
  • Build lean muscle: The product Prime Male builds the stronger muscles and keeps you look dashing in appearance.
  • Weight loss: You will have the fat burn that is negatively correlated to sexual performance. So you can have both benefits from Prime Male power enhancements supplement.
  • Maintain bone health: Having stronger bones will make you more active, fit, and healthy when you are going to perform the sex.
  • Improve your mood: the feelings of stress and bad feelings may effect the testosterone amount in the body, and eventually, your sexual functioning disturbed. So, Prime Male is the best one to improve testosterone that may treat this problem and make your mood much better for happier living.
  • Greater Sexual Drive: Prime Male may boost your libido, this is the power that is the power that you got maximally from this supplement to be the macho man for most satisfying sex.
  • Control blood pressure: The blood pressure is managed with the help of its fixings that are supportive for health betterment.
  •  Better cardiovascular health: A higher level of cholesterol may impact heart health, and Prime Male may control the cholesterol level and manage it to the healthy one.
  • Maintained blood sugar levels: The sugar level in the blood is always at a sustained level by taking the Prime Male supplement.
  • Peak the prostate: Health of your prostate is figured out and raises the chances of a boosted sexual performance. Thus, Prime Male helps to adress the ED by increasing your prostate abilities.
  • Keep your skin younger: well, you can also be young and beautiful with the help of Prime Male enhance, exclusive formula because it has the ingredients that make you look more youthful and less aged.
  • Best cognitive functioning: there will be but cognitive functioning because fat burn assists in a boost of energy that your brain can use the power that is attained from the fat burning.
  •  Reduce fatigue: after an increase in your energy, you can overcome your tiredness and fatigue, which may help you to be as powerful as a bull.

Side Effects and Precautions

The most important thing about any formula totally depends upon how you use it and how you take care of the warnings. This will treat your most of the problem portion. So, first of all, let me clear you that there are no side effects of this formula.

It has highly effective, well researched, gluten-free and non-GMO fixings that only treat the testosterone issues in the body; instead, they address other health concerns too. Prime Male results from users has revealed that you may have side effects if you are not taking the right amount of dosage. So, it is suggested to take only two pills in a day with water after your breakfast.

  • Do not use this pill if you are already taking any other medicine.
  • This supplement is not made for under 18 years people.
  • Must consult your doctor before taking this supplement.

Prime Male Results: Before and After

We searched about the real evidence based user of Prime male who have been getting the results. We found celebrities, athletes, army person and some other people who have been talking about real facts about this product.

Here is Dolph Lundgren a director, actor, producer, and martial artist giving his personal review about Prime Male.

Here is a football player named Andre Reed share his review about Prime Male.

Here a retired army person named Scott Zolak talking more about the working process of Prime Male.

Another one named Maxx share his personal experience about this testosterone booster pills.

This guy said that Prime Male is best testosterone booster. Charles share his experience with this sexual enhancer pill.

Is Prime Male a Real T-booster Or NOT?

is Prime Male Real T-booster

Well, yes, Primal Male is a natural testo boosting product. It is the blend of herbal extracts that are having efficient working for testosterone boost in the body. Prime Male gives you enough amount of testosterone that you lack after 30.

This hormone is stimulated remarkably, and you become a real man to your lady. Get the higher gear of libido, sexual drive, and stamina along with other health benefits. The unique thing about this pill is that it may melt away extra fat cells, address fatigue, improve your mood, control blood pressure, and boost energy.

It is GRAS generally recommended as a safe product that can allow you to have a burst of sexual power and performance in your bedroom. Furthermore, this is a safe and legit option to treat sexual health issues without any side effect.

Bottom line

Prime Male enhancement supplements reduce all the male sexual health concerns and boost your testosterone level. You can attain the best sex power and stamina in your bedroom.

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