3 Common Signs and Symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

Erectile dysfunction is a common sexual health issue in men. It is the inability to perform or sustain erections. Usually, most of the men have prominent signs and symptoms, but a few have been facing minor symptoms.

Although individual differences matter a lot when it comes to ED signs. This is not a single issue that only leads to erection inability.

Still, it also causes some other sexual dysfunction, which makes you less satisfied and prone to other sexual health issues such as premature ejaculation and sexual dissatisfaction.

If you found these symptoms, then you must go to your doctor or a urologist to examine your diagnose for erectile dysfunction and get treatment.

Keeping them untreated may lead to having devastating effects on the overall well being.

3 Signs and Symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction

signs and Symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction

ED is an issue that has to interfere with men’s sexual performance. Its causes are many, but let’s explore what the symptoms of erectile dysfunction that may occur are and when you will have to visit the doctor for its treatment.

Here are the 3 main Signs and Symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction:

1. Complication In Having An Erection

The most common symptom of ED involves a lack of adequate erections to give you satisfaction fora sexual relationship. Most of the men feel no satisfaction while performing their erections.

This fundamental issue consists of the inability to fulfill your sexual activity. It may range from mild to severe.

It is considered normal if this issue did not interfere with the healthy sexual relationship, but it does not go smoothly, then you should consult your doctor.

2. Can’t Maintain an Erection

Well, there are a few men who have the erections but can’t sustain their tenure for a satisfying orgasm. It may affect your sexual enjoyment and intervene in the process of sexual intimation.

Although many men have been facing these issues, they feel reluctant to discuss it. So, getting the problems n light will help you to find out the solution.

This issue becomes more triggering after the age of 40 plus. Many reasons are floating behind these issues, but they may affect the overall sexual health of the individual.

3. Unable to Get An Erection

The sexual needs are also considered necessary on the needs pyramid. That is why keeping them on the work will help you to enjoy better sexual health.

Some men could not get the erection, and they become prey to various feelings of distress, sadness, shame, and guilt.

This may not eliminate your sexual issues but accelerate the ED more on a peak.

Some Rare Symptoms and Signs of ED

  1. A decrease in sexual desire has been found in men because of many underlying causes. This may also contribute to the considering signs of ED.
  2. There is no satisfaction in the erections you have got. If you feel no pleasure and amusement that you experienced earlier in your life with the construction, but now there is a lack. So, you must consult your doctor and reveal it is going toward the development of ED into your life.
  3. The angle of erection seems curved, or there is a mismanagement of an angle from before working.
  4. Lack of bigger erections also found in some men. The sexual intercourse needs the proper gratification of the sex. A lack of harder and bigger erection observed with the men who have ED.
  5. Penis functioning also disturbed in the ED. This is the main organ that can help you to enjoy more erections. Insensitivity to the penis has also been found in its symptoms.


Signs and symptoms are an indication of the issue which you have been going through. So, checking and monitoring the symptoms will aid you to examine the state of your health with erectile dysfunction.

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